• Matt's Story   

Book 3 of Mail Order Brides of Black Horse Mesa

Matt glared at Big John. "Her name is Hannah. Best you remember that." 
His uncle scowled. "Best if you forget it. You just lost one woman, not wise to allow a needy one to get her claws into you." 
"She's not like that. Nothing like that." 
Big John walked away. "You don't even know her." 
His uncle's truth stung. But he was wrong. Matt gazed at the injured woman and her dark hair, soft skin. So pale. "I'll take care of you, Hannah."


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  • Constance: Bride of Florida

Constance is a Sweet Historical Romance and #27 in the unprecedented 50 book American Mail-Order Bride Series. 
Constance has always done everything by the book. Follow the rules, be good, and hide. Can this letter to a man she doesn't know break her out of the shadows? 
Drake has dreamed of going to sea, but Father's ultimatum has him sending for a mail-order bride. He'll take care of her, but she needs to know, he'll leave for the sea after they're married,

Patricia PacJac Carroll ~ Author


Bride and Prejudice: Historical Western Romance ( Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick Book #8)

Dr. Blake Morgan is still reeling from the past and the bottle. Jacqueline Bedel is running from an evil man. For a future together, they must face prejudice and overcome hatred.

Come back to Hickory Stick and meet your favorite characters as the town deals with troubles and love.   : )  As always, it will end happy.

COMING July 2016

The Richest Christmas ~ set in Texas after the civil war is a short story about Christmas on the Texas plains. 
Saving Christmas ~ Priscilla Christmas Humphry is angry about her father moving them to Texas. Of all places. It's nothing like her Baltimore. What's worse, Father wants her to marry one of the cowboys he so admires. He doesn't know that she was in love in Baltimore with Eugene and he promised he'd come and save her from the wild west. Steve Matthews finally has a good start on his ranch, the Lazy S. He has everything but a wife.ype your paragraph here.

Treasured Love ~ Treasure Harbor Series Book #3

Come to Treasure Harbor and meet some of the town and treasure seekers.

Kori James is looking for bounty and a fresh start. What she's not looking for is a good time with a good looking care free guy. She's been there done that and fears following in her mother's staggering footsteps.

Max Triton loves the sea and has been known to love the ladies. But things are changing. For one, his partner Greg Hammond led him to the Lord. Max wants nothing to do with the treasure or the treasure hunters. Then he sees Kori and a place in his heart is unlocked.

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